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Susan A. Bliler

It’s Here! Skin Walkers: Remy – Susan A. Bliler



Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo. – H. G. Wells

 My name is Recker. I need to speak with you.”
Throwing a longing look at her cordless phone lying useless on her coffee table next to her book, Harlow feigned a cheery tone as her eyes shot to her bedroom door. She had a shotgun beside her bed, but wondered if she were being over-cautious. “Don’t know any Recker. I’m afraid you have the wrong apartment.”

“I have the right apartment. Open the door.”
Open the door? His command had her silently cursing the lack of peephole as she slowly backed away from the door, glancing longingly at her bedroom. Okay, that definitely warranted a shotgun response. She hustled toward her bedroom door, snagging her cordless phone on her way with suddenly trembling fingers. She cursed when it slipped from her fumbling hands, bouncing nearly silently on the carpeted floor. “Shit!” she whispered, then offered more loudly, “I don’t know you!” Annoyed at herself now, she added some heat to her tone as she dropped to her knees, snatching up her phone. “Go away!” – Susan A. Bliler, “Skin Walkers: Remy

29286944Harlow Armstrong’s life has been, well, shitty since the day she was born. Left at the door of a fire station, she bounced from foster home to foster home. “Once even the worst home refused to accept her, she was placed in a group home, where she remained until she aged out.” Hey, give a girl a break. Being unwanted has a tendency to tweak the attitude, all right? Now twenty-seven, Harlow lives in a crappy apartment, in a crappy building, and works a crappy job. Well, it pays the bills. And when you are dumped on the street at eighteen with no real education and the clothes on your back, you make do. And she does. Really. Well, sorta, but she pays her bills, so there is that.

Then, there is the knock at her door. And all blue-blooded Hell breaks loose.

Fast forward six months and Harlow’s life is weirder, and yes, more wonderful, than she could have ever dreamed possible. For Harlow has a brother. A brother who has been searching for her for years, and is over-the-moon at finally finding her. A brother who, oh, by the way . . . can change into different animals at a thought!

Determined to be useful to these incredible people who have turned her life into a fairy tale, Harlow tries lots of things, from gardening (Meh.) to secretarial (Ugh.) But when she sees the Sentries, the elite guards of the Walkers at StoneCrow Estates, she knows she has found her match. Growing up she had to use feet and fists to survive. And she is determined to pay her way by being one of that exclusive group.

Of course, Brother Mason EnemyHunter (Wow, who would have ever thought that her real name was EnemyHunter?) is horrified. Especially when he realizes that his enemy, Remy McCade, is head of training for the new Sentries. For you see, Remy and Mason have a history. A history neither wants Harlow to know.

Susan truly steps up her game with “Remy.” The Skin Walkers series started out with “King,” a paranormal romance with a Native American twist. As a Native herself, Susan was creating a world that could be our own, with Skin Walkers living in the shadows, simply trying to make a life for themselves and their families without interference from the public or government. Or from shadowy creatures called the Megalya, monsters who hunt them for their souls.

As the series develops Susan has grown her cast, developed her world, and now the horrors in the shadows are coming, fully-formed and deadly. The Walkers and their families, their way of life, and their lives themselves are in mortal danger, and death hangs over all.

Harlow is in mortal danger as well – and no matter how hard he has tried to stay away from her and her brother, Remy may very well be the only thing left standing between Harlow and a horrific end.

Yes, I am Susan’s editor. But don’t jump to conclusions. This series is wonderful, with truly strong women characters who don’t allow themselves to be pushed around by the men in their lives. The world building is strong, characters interesting, and the story development throughout is building to the point where the paranormal romance is taking a bit of a backseat to suspense and strong characterizations. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend the series. And check out her “Territory” series as well. Susan pays homage to her bloodline and its stories in a subtle and yet powerful way that keeps me riveted to her every word!

Review: Skin Walkers: RedKnife by Susan A. Bliler

24974213There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more. – Lord Byron

The snow itself is lonely or, if you prefer, self-sufficient. There is no other time when the whole world seems composed of one thing and one thing only. – Joseph Wood Krutch

The snow is falling. Howling winds, blizzard conditions unlike any Montana has seen recently. What the heck? Well, RedKnife is upset. And when RedKnife is upset, the skies are upset as well.

RedKnife is alone. The sole Indigenous Skin Walker, RedKnife KillsPrettyEnemy accepted the invitation of King Mulholland, under whom he earned his trident, to move to StoneCrow Estates, the secure home developed by Monroe StoneCrow. StoneCrow, the Dominant Walker, runs the Estate with a strong hand, working to provide a safe home for “his” Skin Walkers. But RedKnife has reason to distrust the Dominant – and that distrust may cost him what he has searched for his whole life. His “One” – the person who completes his soul.

Imagine his surprise when he is accused of murder by an incompetent detective with a nasty attitude – and his salvation comes from the most unlikely person on the estate – the bartender from the Crow’s Nest, Cindy Sambrano. Stepping in to protect him, and lying in the process, Cindy gains his trust. But when a misunderstanding convinces StoneCrow that Cindy is a traitor to the Skin Walkers, it is up to RedKnife to protect her from torture, and possible death.

Two isolated people, running into the storm, work to protect one another not only from the blizzard that threatens their lives, but from the Walkers who would rip them apart.

This is another in the Skin Walkers series by Susan Bliler, and it is a much awaited joy. RedKnife KillsPrettyEnemy has always been one of the more interesting characters in the series in my opinion. An opinion which is shared by many of the readers who share my passion for Susan’s work. This is the newly edited edition, so enjoy!

Once more, Susan trusted me with her work, and I am honoured beyond measure. If you enjoyed my review, please click “Yes” on Amazon – it helps draw attention to my friend’s work!

Musing Mondays – What Cha’ Reading? Mondays is a weekly meme by Should Be Reading that asks you to choose one of the following prompts to answer:

16213179I’m currently reading… The Wizard, The Warlord, and the Hidden Woman by Michael Angel

Up next I think I’ll readDark Prayer by Natasha Mostert

I bought the following book(s) in the past weekBy Tooth and Claw by S. M. Stirling, Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, and Jody Lynn Nye

I’m super excited to tell you about (book/author/bookish-news)… I just finished the edit of SKIN WALKERS: REDKNIFE by Susan A. Bliler. If you are a lover of Urban Fantasy, and haven’t read the SkinWalker Series, you really should. Susan’s storyline and characters are interesting, her settings are beautiful, and her women characters are lovely and well developed. Try them out!

I’m really upset by (book/author/bookish-news)Hum… at the moment? Can’t think of anything right now, but . . .

I can’t wait to get a copy ofMagic Shifts by Ilona Andrews!

I wish I could read ___, but… Ha! Everything on my mountainous TBR List! But I think I will have to live to 300 to 24974213do 23139924so… every time I turn around, I am adding more!

I blogged about ____ this past week… Are You Stuck In WASP Land? Embrace Diversity In Your Reading! What are you reading that isn’t WASP?

THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION: What’s your favorite genre? Why? Urban Fantasy! I adore the mythology, and if it is well done it allows me to remove myself from my life – to be ‘more’ to be my dreams . . .

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with either the link to your own Musing Mondays post, or share your answer in a brief comment here (if you don’t have a blog). Thanks! Should Be Reading and So, I Read This Book Today!

Edited Edition of Skin Walkers: Monroe Now Available

monroeThe newly edited edition of Skin Walkers: Monroe is out now! Check out Smashwords and Kobo for the new editions. On Smashwords make sure that you choose the 2014 edition!

Please note: there will not be a new edition offered on Amazon as there is an audio version that is set to whispersync. Since we made extensive changes to Monroe, there will not be an updated Amazon edition. Sorry!


When Game Warden, Eden StCloud, goes up against CEO, Monroe StoneCrow, she encounters the most intimidating, powerful, and sexy man she’s ever seen. Unaware of the fact that Monroe is the Dominant Skin Walker in North America, it isn’t until Eden becomes enmeshed in his life that she realizes it’s too late to escape. Worse, she’s drawn the children under her care into the lair of the beast and must now succumb to Monroe’s desires or risk losing her children forever.

CEO, Monroe StoneCrow, is a man tormented by his obsession with creating a haven for his Skin Walkers. Determined to form a community where his Walkers can exist in peace, he has no time or desire to seek out his own mate, his angel. When Eden StCloud crosses his path, there is no denying his instant attraction, or his overwhelming animalistic urge to claim her. His affliction is so intense that even his own medical experts are at a loss to ease his symptoms. With his Skin Walker refuge in danger of collapse due to his preoccupation with Eden, Monroe is stymied by his inability to do what he’s always done…simply take what he wants.

About The Author:

susanMy pack territory is in Central Montana, between Stone Crow estates and the North Fortress. Born and raised in an untamed location that bridges the gap between rolling prairies and majestic mountain peaks, I am born to a family that also bridges the gap between cultures. My father’s people boast a fiercely proud Scottish ancestry while my mother’s tribes descend from two savagely beautiful and unique nations that inspire my Skin Walkers series.

I’m a huge fan of MMA, boxing, hockey, 30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park, DMX, the Killers, and 21 Pilots (“sometimes quiet is violent”). I also love to read because it encourages me to write. (I hate it when authors add that they love coffee and chocolate. Really? Who doesn’t love coffee and chocolate?) Anyway, I love beer…kidding. I don’t love beer but we are engaged in a very serious relationship. (Mom, please don’t call me when you read this.)

Check me out at
Please leave feedback. Believe it or not I actually read your opinions/suggestions and try to adapt my work accordingly. A’hau.


Review – York: Skin Walkers #6 By Susan Bliler

An Irishman is never at his best except when fighting.” – Irish Proverb

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. – Aristotle

Can I hear an: Oh, Yummy!!!

OK, here is my little secret. Shhh….. don’t tell anyone, but I rarely ever, indeed if I ever do at all, fall head-over-heels for the hero in anyone’s book. Nope. Not me. Oh, I may drool a little, but hey, who doesn’t?

Just what I always wanted. My own little bunny rabbit. I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him… …and pat him and pet him and… and rub him and caress him and…– Hugo the Abominable Snowman in the 1961 cartoon The Abominable Snow Rabbit

York is my definition of the perfect male. Tall, muscled, with gorgeous eyes and red hair all the way down to his ass and his beautiful bod covered with tattoos . . . yummers! An Irish God, in the flesh. Sigh…(OK, laugh. Go ahead. I can take it . . .)

Anyway, back to the storyline, right? This is the sixth volume in the Skin Walkers series by Susan Bliler, and it is just as good as the others. Things have been building up for the Skin Walkers of StoneCrow Estates, a private sanctuary where Skin Walkers can live safely in a dangerous world. And dangerous their world is. For no one knows of Skin Walkers in this world, and no one should – for anyone different, as we all well know, is subject to horrors. Especially the Walkers, for there are creatures more terrible than one can imagine – and they hunt the Walkers, for their heads, for their “halos” – the equivalent of an antler which grows naturally around their necks. And for their powers, which they steal by drinking a Walker’s blood. Vicious cowards, the Megalya, soulless and insane, prey on the women and children of the Walkers, those too weak or too small to defend themselves.

In this difficult world, all York has ever wanted is his Angel –his life mate and soul partner. Hurting and alone after the incidents in Gauge: Skin Walkers #5, York takes an assignment from Mason StoneCrow to travel to the Philippines in order to attempt a rescue of Gauge’s mate’s sister. While Leto’s Shy was held with Leto in a Megalya research facility, Sky, her twin, has been searching the Philippines where she has been told she might find Shy.

As York arrives in Quezon, the capital city, he searches far and wide, until he comes upon Sky in an out-of-the way bar. Watching Sky take down a strange, blond man with fists and feet, York is immediately stricken with “The Affliction” the Skin Walker ailment which is brought on by finding his one true mate. As he writhes on the ground in agony, Sky is off like a shot, escaping the myriad police officers who come pouring through the back door.

York can find her, now he has her scent, but others can too – and not just the Megalya. And none of Sky’s pursuers, other than York, have her best interests at heart. York finds his Angel, but when his Angel finds out what York is, and what creatures are following her (and why) this becomes an edge-of-the-seat thriller just as much as it can be labeled a Paranormal Romance.

Susan has really found her stride with the last few Skin Walker books, and as she comes into York and Sky’s story, suspense and thriller aspects of the Skin Walkers tales are become even more intense.


I am the editor for Susan Bilber’s Skin Walkers books, just want to get that out there. This does not mean, however, that I gush over her books because of that. Nope. These books are good, and if PNR is your thing, I highly recommend Susan’s works!

Review: Conn: Skin Walkers #2 by Susan Bliler

OK, Conn is cool. But Aries is a Kick Ass Heroine!!

Honestly, I read this book quite some time ago. The first book in the series is King: Skin Walkers #1, but I found the second in the series Conn: Skin Walkers #2 and picked it up on a whim. I was so glad I did, as I was really tickled with that book, not because of Conn, the Skin Walker in question, but because of Aries Bracken, the heroine of the piece.

Poor Aries, on the run and in hiding for years – and she doesn’t even know why. All she knows is that she is being hunted, tracked down like an animal. She has suffered, using only her own skills, intelligence and willingness to do whatever it takes to stay hidden from whoever is tracking her, doing all she can to stay alive. Why is this happening?

Pushed to the limit, Aries finds what she thinks is a safe hiding spot, deep in the jungles of South America. She may be living a meager life, but it is one that she can call her own. All that changes when she is captured by Conn and his men and delivered to StoneCrow Estates in the US in return for payment of his fee for bagging the elusive Aries. But things are not as they seem – for Aries is not the person this particular hunter should have caught. And things are much more complicated than they seem.

Aries is a kickin’. Heroine. My favorite scene is when her kidnappers load her onto a helicopter and take off across the jungle . . . only to have her grab a parachute when their backs are turned and bail out! They finally make it to StoneCrow, the bastion of the aforementioned Skin Walkers. Ha! Bad on you, Conn! Wrong girl. Oops.

I was going to write a review of the book back then, but before I did so I sent a note to Susan letting her know that I found a considerable number of editorial problems with the book. After correspondence back and forth we came to an agreement – I get to edit all her Skin Walker books! Whoot!

All of the Skin Walker series are exceptional Paranormal Romance books in my estimation. Hot guys, strong women, interesting world building and character development. We are working on editing all of the books, the most recent of which is York: Skin Walkers #6. Check out the whole series. You can read them out of order and keep up with the story, but it is MUCH more fun to read them in order! There is a buildup of suspense throughout the series, with unseen bad guys working behind the scenes, and some bad guys that are just as in-you-face as they can possibly be.

Highly recommended, even if I wasn’t Susan’s editor! Enjoy!

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