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Would Love To Walk Into My Bedroom To These Beauties!


This is just one of dozens of incredible bedding prints available through a company called  Fashion Clothing & Dresses for Women & Kids at Ericdress

A friend on Facebook pointed the company out to me and I simply can’t get over how GORGEOUS the bedding sets are!!!

And they are on sale for the next two days!!!!! up to 85% off!!!!

Nice way to save your holiday green!

My problem? I can’t decide which I like the best! Everything from amazing florals to animals that literally jump off the bed towards you.

Below are some more samples. I am not getting credit or anything else for posting this – it just blows me away!

All photos are property of – all rights reserved.

Special White Tiger 100% Cotton Animal Printing Bedding Sets  Animal Print BeddingButterfly Reappearance Romantic Roses 3D Bedding Sets3D Blue Wolf Design100% Cotton Bedding Sets Animal Print BeddingThe Butterfly Lovers100% Cotton 3D Bedding Sets  Animal Print BeddingDavid's Deer 100% Cotton 3D Animal Print Bedding Sets  Animal Print BeddingCharming Horse 3D 4PC Cotton Bedding Sets Animal Print Bedding

Wednesday’s Freekibble WonderFunder: “I Rescued a Human” Pet Tag

It’s Wednesday, so it must be time to help our four-legged friends!

For a limited time, for every “I Rescued a Human” Pet Tag purchased, an extra $5 will be donated to help rescue dogs in situations of severe neglect.

One day, 11 hours left increase your donation to help severely neglected animals!!

Click here to go to the Animal Rescue Pet Shop to order your “I Rescued a Human” tag – and help feed and provide veterinary care for severely mistreated dogs!

Early Tuesday morning, April 1, 2014, Humane Society International – Canada (HSI – Canada) helped rescue 59 dogs and puppies from a situation of severe neglect in northern Quebec. The dogs were malnourished and dehydrated, their fur matted and dirty. When HSI – Canada arrived, the animals were visibly scared and anxious. All of the dogs are in very bad condition; they are emaciated and some suffer from illness. Since the animals are in such bad shape, and it will take months to rehabilitate them, this will prove to be a costly rescue. Caring for dogs and puppies that have been neglected for years will require funds for daily supplies and rehabilitation including food, medical supplies/treatment, treats, toys, leashes, blankets, behaviourists to work with the dogs (many have never been on a leash before), collars, et cetera. These animals deserve a better life than they have known.

Click to play and help feed our forgotten four-legged friends!

And while you are at it, don’t forget to go to Freekibble every day. You can answer trivia questions about dogs and cats and help feed shelter animals!

Right or wrong, you win! Click on an answer, and every day you do, we’ll provide 10 pieces of kibble to Animal Shelters to help feed their hungry dogs. Play Bow-Wow Trivia every day – the more you play, the more kibble for the dogs!

Just $18 provides a day’s worth of milk for an orphaned baby elephant – Please consider helping these wonderful animals live a better life.

And don’t forget to check out Freekibble Cares to help feed baby elephants! The Zambia Elephant Orphanage was created to give baby elephants who have lost their parents to poachers a second chance at life.

Click here to play “Meow Trivia” and donate 10 pieces of kibble to needy kitties!

And let’s not forget our kitty friends!! Click the “Free Kibble Kitty” logo to play “Meow Trivia” and donate free kitty kibble!

And don’t forget –

For a limited time, for every Kitten in Flowers Solar Garden Stake purchased, an extra $5 will be donated to help transport bears to safety in California!

Lions, Tigers & Bears, a rescue facility dedicated to providing a safe haven for unwanted and abused exotic animals, is planning the rescue of four captive bred bears in North Carolina who need help. The bears – two Himalayan black bears (Teddy and Baloo), and two Alaskan silvertip grizzlies (Albert and Cherry Bomb) have been living in a residential backyard for many years. Albert and Cherry Bomb were born in a facility known for displaying bears in concrete pits in deplorable conditions. Teddy and Baloo were born at another roadside menagerie with equally appalling living conditions. The bears were bought at auction and are currently owned by private residents who can no longer provide the bears with a proper life. They are no longer receiving the care and attention that they desperately need. There is no money to provide a proper diet nor routine medical examinations and no stability to ensure their continued care. Time is running out. These bears can only be provided for until May 2014. After that, their destiny is unknown. The bears will very likely be euthanized if they are not first saved. Your donation will help save the lives of these four bears and provide them with the medical care they so desperately need before they can make their final journey home.

Click to help four bears find their way home!

Click here to help the non-profit, Lions, Tigers & Bears!

Click here! For a limited time, for every Kitten in Flowers Solar Garden Stake purchased, an extra $5 will be donated to help transport bears to safety in California!

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