Oh, man! Those Weeping Angels scare me silly!!! This is a must-have for every Doctor fan!

Whatever you do . . . DON’T BLINK!” – Doctor Who, Blink

One of the scariest things I have ever watched on telly? Blink. In this Doctor Who tenth episode from the third season, the Doctor and Martha meet Sally Sparrow. Well, they don’t really meet Sally – you see, there are DVD Easter Eggs, on sixteen DVD’s, where a mysterious man has a conversation, apparently with someone sitting on “our” side of the screen . . . and it all goes extremely terrifying from there . . . for the Weeping Angels are on the move. And they are very, very hungry.

In Touched By An Angel the Weeping Angels are back, and this time it is Amy and Rory who are The Doctors companions, as they desperately try to stop time, space and everything from imploding.

Our intrepid trio are back in England, and this time things are dire indeed. For Mark Whitaker, though a rather unassuming, sad and lonely widower has just received a letter – and that letter could destroy the universe. For if Mark follows the letter’s instructions, he will go back in time. He means to save his wife, no matter the cost. But the cost is more than he could ever dream.

This is a fantastic addition to your Doctor Library. Tense and exciting, but also heart breaking in the extreme, the story moves back and forth in time as the Doctor, Rory and Amy watch over Mark as he is sent back to 1994, his college days, and begins to live his life alongside his younger self. Ticking off the list of things the letter tells him he must do, he works closer and closer to the day of his beloved wife’s death.

Highly recommended for Doctor Who fans.

NOTE:  I received this book from the publisher in return for a realistic review. All opinions are my own.

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