Photo and Book are copyright Cat Bordhi 2013. The photo is used only to encourage purchase of Cat’s 70-page e-book, “The Art Of Felfs” and all rights are reserved by Ms. Bordhi.

I just purchased The Art of Felfs by Cat Bordhi.

I am taking a class on a Sunday in December at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins in Boulder on making felted boots, known as Valenki Boots in Russia. The pair they show in the shop are DARLING, and I am really looking forward to the class. Yes, I took a morning off and ran around – it was actually WARM this morning, unlike the rest of this summer, which apparently we skipped and went straight to fall. . . cold and rainy! I am looking at a grow light bulb for my tomato and pepper plants, I seriously doubt that they will ripen before we get our first frost, the way things are going!

So, flipping through I saw that Ms. Bordhi, the Queen of Everything Knitty, is giving all of her proceeds to Dr. Krag at the University of Vermont Medical School to help fund research into sentinel lymph nodes for a new, less destructive, method of fighting breast cancer. You can read all about it below. If you are interested in a technical treatise on sentinel lymph nodes click here to read more on If you want to know more about Dr. Krag, click here. So, if you are a knitter, check it out. And if you aren’t a knitter (but know one) remember, the holidays are just around the corner! What a wonderful gift for your favorite knitting pal – and your pals who are going through, or have been through (like me) the horrors of chemotherapy will love you for it!

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Cover photo courtesy of Cat Bordhi, copyright 2013, all rights reserved.


All proceeds from this 70-page ebook by Cat Bordhi are going directly to the research lab of Dr. David Krag at the at the University of Vermont Medical School. Dr. Krag, who pioneered sentinel node location, which has been used by over a million women with breast cancer, is now on the cusp of starting clinical trials for a cancer treatment that will replace chemo with a method as gentle as chemo is violent, and likelier to result in a complete cure. Let’s all join together to make that happen sooner rather than later! To learn more, visit

Vaquero Felfs are one of the 15 styles in Cat’s ebook, THE ART OF FELFS: Felted Footwear for Families. Once finished, all styles appear to have been knit in the round, but are actually knit flat in garter stitch in simple shapes which are then folded and sewn before felting.

Extending or trimming one underlying shape transforms the basic Felf into thigh-high boots, ballet shoes, cowboy boots, moccasins, and much more. Fitting any style of Felf to any foot is simple enough for a young child to do yet Felfs capture the imagination and passion of advanced knitters as well. The ebook includes instructions for felting without a washing machine, so anyone can make them.

Although Ewetopia is half super wash, it felts into a nubbly, luxurious felt that is pliant, and can be felted to various degrees of thickness. The super wash strand creates the texture as it rumples into the embrace of the regular felting merino. Ewetopia is an exceptionally bouncy, cooperative yarn that is ergonomically kind to obsessive knitters.