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I went to my local yarn shop’s Fleece Day Market the other day. Fun had by all, and lots of beautiful fleeces!

There were also goats, sheep and llama there – my favorite was one particular llama: at that FACE!! They were so cute, all the little creatures, but it would be fun to have this little girl in my back yard, I have to tell you…. These babies are so spoiled – the best food, the best living space and handling. They are nearly as spoiled as my dogs 😉


March Mad Hatter Contest – My LYS Is The Best…


Now it is a well-known fact that every year The Recycled Lamb has a hat contest… well…this year is NO different! Announcing the 9th ANNUAL March Mad Hatter’s Hat Contest!! Great Prizes!! Great Publicity!! (what, you say?? yes, the winners get gift certificates to the shop and get their names and winning hat photos posted on our Facebook Page!)

Here is the scoop:

Deadline for entries is Sunday, March 1. We will sign you up at the time you buy your yarn or fiber any time between now and then, and assign your number for each entry (you may enter as many times as you like!) Did we mention these hats can be felted, knitted, crocheted, or woven??? Voting will take place from March 1 to March 20th, please vote only one time (we’re on the honor system here!) for each category.

Okay, here are the OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES:

1. You MUST purchase your yarn or fiber at The Recycled Lamb. Recently. Like between now and when you create the hat. Or maybe last month…Sure, you can pick and choose from your stash, but as you might surmise, we’d like to sell some yarn during this contest!

(AND YES! The Recycled Lamb takes phone and internet orders!)

 2. Entries must be delivered to the shop by close of business on Sunday, March 1.  Judging will be from March 1st through Thursday, March 20th. Winners will be announced and awards awarded during the March Knit Knite on Friday, March 20th.

3. All Entries will be anonymous. 

4. Anyone can enter. Anyone can vote. But, keep it to one vote per person,per category, ok?

5. All hats will be returned to their creator, unless you’d like us to donate them to our favorite charity.

So, here are the categories (and be sure, when you bring in your entry, to indicate which category it belongs to):

1. Felted Hats
2. Woven Hats
3. Crocheted Hats
4. Knitted Hats
5. Other (oh, this leaves SO MANY possibilities open!)

I Knit While I Read

I admit it. I am one of those crazy people who can’t function unless I am doing something with my hands.It used to be, when I only read print editions of books, that I had to figure out a way to hold my books, turn pages, and knit or quilt at the same time. Now, with my Kindle and Nook (yes, I have both, what can I say?) I can prop up the book and knit at the same time. How cool is that!

Plymouth Yarn Company has new Encore line colours out that are NEON!

NEW 476NEW 477NEW 478NEW 479

I bought the yellow, green and pink (and wish I had bought the orange, but my budget is sooo tight) and paired it with the 0848-Navy Blue.


I am making the Infant size Einstein Coat, better known as the Baby Albert, from Sally Melville’s The Knitting Experience Book 1:The Knit Stitch, Inspiration and Instruction.


einstein coatThanks to Kaleidoscope Yarns in Vermont for the photo of a completed child size sample of the Einstein Coat. The coat I am making is the Baby Albert Coat, the infant size. As you can imagine, mine is going to be quite a bit different!

IMGP1653 IMGP1652







The stripes of the completed portion are for the bottom portion (running up-and-down). The top portion and sleeves are sketched out, and will be quite fun, I think! Hang in for a look at it as it goes along! I will sell it when it is done (one can always hope!) on my Etsy page.

My Etsy Banner.
Cick to go to my Etsy Page!

The tea cozy is me grabbing bits and pieces of fiber out of my ‘leftovers’ pile, spinning them up,then plying them into a two-ply, nubby yarn, then knitting them together. The top is simply a heavy piece of left over yarn woven into the top and pulled tight.  Boom! My take on one of Loani Prior’s ‘knit-flat’ tea cozies from Wild Tea Cozies and Really Wild Tea Cozies.wild

really wild









jester Thanks to Morgan at Morganised Chaos in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia for the photo of her Jester Tea Cosy. I am working on mine from bits and pieces of Noro Worsted Weight yarn. When it is done, I will post here.




And yes, before you ask, I am as scatter-brained about my knitting as I am about everything else! I have more UFO’s, both knit, quilt, and stained glass, than I like to admit!

The Heather Hoodie is almost done, I am just getting ready to put the button band on, but it has been so hot, and by now the flippin’ thing is so heavy and hot to work on, that it is in a drawer until the weather cools down! Will post a photo when I pull it out again……..

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