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Will Patton

Lisa Shearin – Found Her In Night Shift, Now I’m A Fangirl…

Being a rabid Ilona Andrews fan I preordered Night Shift the moment it hit preorder Night Shift | [Ilona Andrews, Lisa Shearin, Nalini Singh, Milla Vane]status. I adore anthologies, and with both Nalini Singh and Ilona Andrews as listed authors, I was so excited to receive it. There were two other authors in the anthology, Lisa Shearin and Milla Vane, neither of which I had read before.

This is why authors are brilliant to be involved in Anthologies, especially when they can be involved in them with more well-known authors. I may never have heard of Lisa Shearin before, but after reading Lucky Charms I knew I had to read more of her work.

It was four in the morning. I was in a stolen bakery delivery truck that’d been nearly totaled by three gargoyles. In the truck with me were two hung-over elves, a pair of stoned leprechauns with the munchies, a naked Russian werewolf, and a hot partner, who was actually more of a bodyguard, in a race against a goblin dark mage to retrieve a leprechaun prince with a tracking chip embedded in his left ass cheek.

Six hours earlier:

“How the hell did you lose five horny leprechauns in a strip club?”

The Grendel Affair | [Lisa Shearin]What is NOT to love?!?! I immediately went out and purchased The Grendel Affair on Audible. Hey, it is narrated by Johanna Parker. The main character, Makenna Fraser, is a good-ole’ Southern girl, and Johanna’s southern voice is perfect for the character. Having first listened to Johanna in the Sookie Stackhouse Series, I follow her on Audible and give serious consideration to any books she narrates, just as I do with any books that are narrated by Renée Raudman, Khristine Hvam, Will Patton or . . . well, I have a list of narrators that I follow!

Makenna Fraser features in The Grendel Affair as well. Lucky Charms, the story in Night Shift seems to be a prologue to the SPI Files series. The second in the series, The Dragon Conspiracy (SPI Files), comes out January 27th, and I will be waiting impatiently for the Audible edition! I love the mythology of the SPI Files. A hidden paramilitary police force policing the supernaturals, which of course the human population knows nothing of. Yes, that concept has been used before, but when well done, it is the underpinning of many a truly marvelous story. In New York, just before New Year’s Eve, Grendels have been released, and are picking off both supernats and humans – leading up to what their leader intends to be a Times Square slaughter, ripping the blinders off the human population in a gory paean to carnage and chaos. It is up to the SPI to stop the Grendels (yes, just like in Beowulf) before the world is turned into a mythological nightmare. (Really, people – do you truly not understand that humans have a wee bit of an arsenal built up? Like, enough to destroy the world several times over? Sort of hard to fight a Predator missile with a Predator’s claws . . . Ah, the dreams of glory of a psychopath with a God complex.)

Makenna is a great heroine, mostly for the fact that she really isn’t a ‘heroine’ at all. Rather, she is a newspaper reporter who found herself thrust into the SPI because she is a seer – she can see underneath the veils that supernats wear to make them appear human. And her particular skill-set may be the only thing that can save the world from the planned chaos and slaughter. She is no Mary Sue – she makes mistakes, grave ones, but fumbles along the best she can under extremely difficult situations, helping and being helped by her new colleagues. Terror, sadness and guilt all hound her, but there are truly funny moments as well.

Lisa Shearin has another series, starring Raine Benares, which begins with Magic Magic Lost, Trouble Found: Raine Benares, Book 1 | [Lisa Shearin]Lost, Trouble Found: Raine Benares, Book 1. One of my Audible credits will be grabbing this one soon! It is narrated by Eileen Stevens, not Joanna, but as I haven’t listened to her work yet I am interested to hear how it works for the story line.

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Review: A Morning For Flamingos – James Lee Burke

This review is of the Audio edition of Mr. Burke’s novel.james lee burke

I am a huge fan of James Lee Burke. He is, in my opinion, a poet of the highest caliber. His language draws the reader into the soul of the Louisiana bayou. Into the life, the language, the heart and mind of a world whose culture, history and people are both unique and fascinating. His language draws you in, paints pictures in your mind. You come to know these people, to see, feel, hear, and know the things they know. He is, in a word, one of the very best writers I have ever read.

Now for the however – – – Hammer is a NIGHTMARE!!!! I don’t know where this man grew up, but I have a sneaky suspicion he is a something like a New Jersey native, as he certainly isn’t Southern! I don’t knomorning for flamingoesw if I find him more phony, hokey, or just plain obnoxious. I have to hold my sides and laugh hysterically when I see people who have apparently never stepped foot in Louisiana, or possibly even the South, raving about what a wonderful “Southern” reader Hammer is. Believe me – – this is NOT Louisiana Cajun, in any shape, form, or fashion! Obnoxious…… especially when he forgets to play up his phony southern accent and drops into his normal accent – is that New Jersey? New York? It certainly isn’t Cajun! In addition, if you are going to read the book, it would be really nice if you would at least look up how the names of towns and the names of people are ACTUALLY PRONOUNCED. What a mess. It made my skin crawl trying to listen to him.

Will Patton IS Dave Robicheaux. The accent, the smooth delivery, the pronunciations – all are spot on. He pulls you into the story, makes you a part of Burke’s world, and leaves you wanting more.

Here’s a shout-out to Recorded Books:

When you are deciding on a narrator for a particular book, actually LISTEN to the prospective narrator before you make a decision on who does the reading. If the reader is distracting, doesn’t fit the language, or sounds irritating for any reason, whether it be a lousy accent like Hammer or droning pitch, etc., it is going to RUIN the experience. I can’t tell you how many times I have failed to purchase the (more expensive!) audio books of certain authors because I can’t stand the narrator.

I buy a LOT of books – they are my entertainment, rather than sitting and watching the idiot box. And most of my books (over 600 at last count) are in AUDIO form. I listen to books just about every minute I am not sleeping or working. Losing out on good authors because of bad narrators is really disappointing.

Would really LOVE IT if you would re-record these masterpieces of Southern literature with Will Patton. I would be the first lined up to buy them!

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