Gray Back Alpha Bear (Gray Back Bears, #2)Who would have ever thought I would find Trailer Park Bears fascinating? Well, the way T.S. Joyce writes them, you simply can’t put the books down!

The Trailer Park Bears truly do live in trailer parks. Broken-down singlewides, parked in the middle of the forest, where Dragon Shifter Damon Daye has brought them in to clear trees devastated by bug infestations. The TPB’s series is actually more than one series. The first tells the story of the Saw Back Bears, this second series is all about the Gray Backs. While the Ashe crew, the stars of the Saw Bears series, is the “A Team” of lumberjacks, well, the Gray Back crew is, as Alpha Creed puts it, “The C Team”. Rowdy, constantly battling, and constantly covered in blood, the Gray Backs are a misfit band of dominant bears. Broken dominant bears. Creed the alpha, Matt the man-ho, Clinton and Jason the goofballs. And then there is Easton, a bear so broken he can’t stand to live close to the others – and can’t seem to stop fighting, even when it might mean his death. A broken clan with a brutal and savage history, they are the clan that nobody wants to mess with.

Book one was Matt’s story. Now, book two takes us deeper into Creed’s story. Determined that there will be NO, absolutely, positively NO! females in his park, he was set back on his heel when Willa, Matt’s mate, blew into the park. Now, Gia is here, and Creed is wholly determined that she won’t change how he lives his life.

Honestly, this one sort of let me down. There were too many missing parts, too many unlikely ‘surprises’. Don’t get me wrong – I love Ms. Joyce’s Trailer Park Bears. But I hope the next is more pulled together than this one. It felt too rushed. Maybe a publishing deadline? However that may be, watch for my review of Gray Back #3, Gray Back Ghost Bear.